A meeting between club representatives on Tuesday afternoon (14) should seal the sale of the Brazilian Championship broadcast rights abroad. The six proposals also include rights for bookmakers to make streaming of the games according to Erich Betting, CEO of “Maquina do Esporte”. Clubs will opt for the one that, more than anything else, ensures an advance of funds at this moment when the gains are frozen due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Within this scenario, the best economic proposal for the clubs in the short term should keep the business. According to “Maquina do Esporte”, the six proposals sent to the clubs include, in addition to the sale of international broadcasting rights, the possibility for bookmakers to make streaming of the games.

The inclusion of this item after the result of the bid made by the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) in 2019, which involved only media rights, ended up causing SportPromotion to stop considering the project, and also caused the company to give up participating in the competition now.

“We have consistent proposals, which have been accompanied by a technical committee that is evaluating the projects. I believe that in the next few days we will have a resolution of this process,” said Guilherme Bellintani, president of Bahia football club and one of the leaders of the commission of clubs analyzing the proposals.

According to the officer, the details that must be resolved at today’s meeting (Tuesday 14) involve the joint negotiation of the rights of Series A and B of the Brasileirão and, also, how the payment term for the clubs will be. Bellintani also said that the money will be shared equally among all the teams in each of the two divisions, in an unprecedented move within national football.

“In each of the series there is already the conclusion that there will be a linear division of money between all the clubs. It is not a significant amount at the first moment, but it is an important step for the projection of Brazilian football abroad,” said the official.

Among the proposals sent to CBF are TV NSports in partnership with the betting company Stats Perform, from IMG, Pitch International and Lagardère.

Some of these proposals involve the advance payment of amounts to clubs, while others only consider billing according to the negotiations. The need, however, must make the proposal that gives more money the one that wins.

Source: GMB / Maquina do Esporte

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