Champions League streaker, Kinsey Wolanski, and her You Tuber boyfriend, Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, have been thwarted in Brazil attempting a repeat during the Copa America Final between Brazil and Peru.

There are some weird and wacky ways to make a living (such as sitting in coffee shops writing things like this), but one of the oddest, and increasingly more common, is doing ridiculous things, and posting them on social media.

Kinsey Wolanski is an excellent example.

The 23-year-old wants to retire by the time she’s 30 and has a unique plan of achieving that goal – streaking.

On June 1, Wolanski was the only thing worth watching during a dour Champions League Final between Liverpool and Spurs, when she burst through pitchside security, and ran into the centre circle, wearing a black swimsuit with the words ‘Vitaly Uncensored’ covering her impressive assets.

‘Vitaly Uncensored’ is an adult website owned by Wolanski’s boyfriend, Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, a man who now commands a ten million plus YouTube following after his better half’s Champions League sprint.

The Spanish fuzz dragged Wolanski’s rather cute derriere to prison, and by the time she had emerged, her Instagram followers had risen from 230,000 to 2 million followers (3.3m, today).

Wolanski told reporters that her stunt created £3.8m in additional publicity for her boyfriend, and so, with that notion rattling around in that brain of hers they decided to do it again.

The lovebirds flew to Brazil with a plan to streak during the Copa America Final between the hosts and Peru. The pair dressed as Brazilian fans, but moments before their stunt, a team of 20-security guards, with fingers less oily than those in Madrid, jumped on Zdorovetskiy and escorted him and Wolanski to prison.

While the abortive attempt may seem like a failure, anyone googling ‘Copa America Final’ will see that instead of the headlines focusing on the end of Brazil’s 12-year wait for a Copa America title (they won, 3-1), it’s on the streakers.

Writing on Instagram, Wolanski said:

“I’ll admit Copa America you definitely won but we had one hell of an adventure trying 😂 flew to brazil, dressed up in disguise, made it to our seats and it ended in Vitalys bad ass getting tackled by 20 security guards. We are out of jail and now enjoying our time in Brazil!”

The first person to reply wrote:

“Such bullshit. One works for 30 years while you do this stunts so you can retire by 30. No wonder this world is going to shits.”

Wolanski also told the press that in the wake of her successful Champions League streak, several unnamed Liverpool players flirted with her on Twitter.

I wonder if being a WAG is on her bucket list?

Wolanski’s appearance at the Champions League Final caught the attention of the bookmakers who shortened the odds of a streaker disrupting the Women’s World Cup Final to 3/2 and made Wolanski a 10/1 shot to repeat her antics.

It remained boob and bum free.


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