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If a bet on Tony Romo winning a major PGA tournament that could turn $100 into $1 million isn’t enough of a draw, perhaps another golf bet proves more attractive. Tiger Woods has seen some sports gambling action already, but one gambler thinks that he could sweep the next three majors. It’s a risky wager, but one that has substantial rewards. If Woods pulls it off, the bettor will pick up $10 million.

Woods would need to win the PGA Championship, the US Open and the Open Championship, the next three PGA majors. A gambler who has shown he isn’t afraid to take chances before is so confident that Tiger will pull off the impossible that he put up $100,000 against overwhelming odds.

Of course, most didn’t believe that Tiger would when the green jacket at the Masters, and look what happened. That triumph gave one gambler $1.19 million on a bet of $85,000. It was reportedly the gambler’s first sports bet ever, according to him. That gambler was James Adducci and his name is becoming a little stressful for sportsbooks.

Adducci is the gambler who now thinks Tiger is going to sweep the next three majors. He went into the SLS Las Vegas on Wednesday and placed his bet, looking at 100-to-1 odds of Tiger pulling it off.

In speaking with Golf Digest, this year’s most famous novice gambler said, “Tiger has history winning at Bethpage, and he won at Pebble, by the biggest margin in history. This is a very unique situation.” He added, “We know that with every win, the energy level will get amped up. His game gets elevated. The expectation, does he play well under pressure? He’s the definition of excelling under pressure. That’s how my brain works.”

Only one player has ever won four majors in a single year. That was Bobby Jones, and he did it prior to the modern Grand Slam. Woods has been able to claim up to four titles at once, but over a two-year period. Even the Golden Bear, Jack Nicklaus, never pulled off a four-title score in a single year.

However, Adducci’s “hunch” paid off at the Masters, so it might pay off again. Tiger has shown that he is able to bounce back, overcoming incredible odds to regain his place as golf’s big winner. He might just pull off the elusive Grand Slam.

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