The RGA and the ABB are planning to create a more powerful trade body to push for more benefitial regulation landscape.

UK.- Ahead of a potential tough regulations for gaming in the UK, local trade bodies are looking to work together to get a better landscape. The Remote Gambling Association (RGA) and the Association of British Bookmakers (ABB) are planning to join forces and merge into one, more powerful, trade body to lobby politicians in the near future.

Rumours about the merger seem to have been confirmed by two job adverts posted by the recruitment firm Ellwood Atfield, which call for candidates with a “track record of successfully influencing the political and lobbying process within Westminster, Whitehall and ideally Brussels”. Furthermore, they should display “an established network within the national and international political and media arena, with experience of dealing with the media on politically sensitive topics”.

“This illustrates how discredited the ABB in particular are with policymakers and with government, given the way they handled the issue of FOBTs and their failure to acknowledge any kind of problem, which has led to resistance to any meaningful compromise,” anti-FOBT campaigner, Matt Zarb-Cousin, said on the potential merger and added: “Ultimately, the (stake cut) was enacted, their worst-case scenario, so it’s no surprise they’re looking for a new body to lead on this.”

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