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Currently, Global Market Advisors estimate illicit sports betting is a $150 billion industry. NBA commissioner Adam Silverhas written that some even estimate it at $400 billion per year. And in 2018, a little-known U.S. Supreme Court decision ripped open the door to a potential multi-billion-dollar market – the digital gambling industry. Mentioned in today’s commentary includes: Stars Group Inc (NASDAQ:TSG), Brookfield Business Partners (NYSE:BBU), GameHost Inc (OTC:GHIFF), Blackberry Ltd. (NYSE:BB), Wynn Resorts Limited (NASDAQ:WYNN).

For decades this was a massive black market. But after a landmark ruling in the nation’s highest court, the whole industry is now poised for rapid legalization. A rush for the U.S. market is kicking off. And Bragg Gaming Group (BRAG.VBKDCF) is positioned to seize a chunk of the online gambling spoils.

America‘s Multi Billion Dollar Gambling Revolution

On May 14th the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of New Jersey in a 6-3 decision – striking down the federal law that banned sports betting in most states. This is a potential $400 billion market, and it’s now open for business. And, while many investors are focusing on Blue Chip casino names – an opportunity may be in stocks like Bragg Gaming Group (BRAG.V; BKDCF).

To dominate this new industry, companies need three things:

#1 – A veteran operating team with experience in the industry.

#2 – Proven technology with a tested back office platform.


#3 – Media assets that can drive massive customer growth.

Bragg has all three – and they could soon join the likes of Las Vegas Sands (LVS)Wynn Resorts (WYNN) and Caesar‘s Entertainment (CZR) in the online gaming industry.

Veteran Gaming Industry Operators

Bragg Gaming Group (BRAG.V; BKDCF) boasts a gaming industry dream team. CEO Dominic Mansour has nearly 20 years’ experience in the gaming and lottery industry. He operated Full Tilt poker – the 2nd largest poker site in the world. This was an enterprise with over $450 million in annual revenue.

CFO Akshay Kumar was previously CFO at NetPlay. Prior to this he was Financial Controller at Sporting Index, the sports spread betting specialist.

Matevz Mazij is the Managing Director of Oryx – a key Bragg Gaming division. He founded the company in 2010, after spending 8 years as one of the IT minds behind multiple online and land-based gaming companies around the world. Together, the team intends to compete across the online gambling industry’s full spectrum of B2B and B2C verticals – first in Europe and ultimately in the United States.

A B2B Online Gambling Powerhouse With Positive Cash Flow Today

The first pillar of the Bragg Gaming Group (BRAG.V; BKDCF) opportunity is Oryx Gaming – a turnkey B2B gaming solution provider they acquired in 2018. It’s critical to the company’s plans for two reasons:

#1 – Infrastructure


#2 – Cashflow

Oryx publishes over 5,000 game titles. They provide the technology, the gaming platform, risk management, operations and back office services. They are certified, approved and licensed in Malta, Schleswig Holstein, Spain, Romania, Colombia, Croatia, Serbia, Gibraltar, UK and Slovenia. And, right now they’re very much cash flow positive.

This gives Bragg Gaming Group (BRAG.V; BKDCF) the resources and operational capability to launch their own B2C gaming brands in both Europe and the United States.

A Sports Media Asset That Dominates ESPN On Facebook

Since 2003 when U.S. regulators began cracking down on gambling advertisements, most ad platforms highly restrict, or even prohibit them outright. Facebook requires written permission in advance for any real money gaming ad.

That’s why Bragg Gaming Group (BRAG.V; BKDCF) which was then known as Breaking Data, in 2017 acquired GiveMeSport – a next generation sports media asset. With 26 million followers, they are the largest sports publisher on Facebook. ESPN is in second place with just 18 million followers – or over 44% less. Right now, the only monetization plan for GMS is paid advertising. Their ad revenue growth is sitting at 83% year over year. But that’s merely the short-term plan for the site.

The Next World Class Gaming Company?

According to Bragg Gaming Group (BRAG.VBKDCF) CEO Dominic Mansour “the acquisition of Oryx is the first step on the road to the creation of a new global gaming group.”

First, they intend to launch the GiveMeBet gambling platform. Oryx will provide the technology platform and software to run the service. Bragg Gaming has an agreement with Argyll, which holds a UK betting license to operate the site.

They’ll leverage the massive audience from their GiveMeSport website to drive adoption and growth. This isn’t an untried model – it’s been done before.

As legalization unfolds in the United States, the company intends to grow and acquire assets across the full spectrum of gaming verticals in multiple jurisdictions.

Why You Need To Pay Attention

The May 14th U.S. Supreme Court decision to overturn PASPA, in favor of New Jersey, was a watershed moment for online sports gambling in the United States.

Seven states – Connecticut, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Iowa, New York, Mississippi and West Virginia – have laws prepared to make sports betting legal. And BRAGG boasts an incredibly experienced team of industry veterans. With Oryx, they have both the infrastructure and revenue to pursue an ambitious roadmap.

Thanks to GiveMeSport’s over 30 million unique visitors – they also have a media springboard to launch B2C platforms like GiveMeBet in Europe and the U.S. This is a massive potential opportunity for Bragg Gaming Group (BRAG.VBKDCF)

Other companies ready to jump on the betting boom:

Stars Group Inc (NASDAQ:TSG)

In December, Stars Group secured a major partnership with the National Basketball Association in order to use data and league marks across their digital sports betting offerings.

Scott Kaufman-Ross, Head of Fantasy & Gaming, NBA explained, “This dynamic partnership will be another way to create authentic fan engagement with league logos and official NBA betting data, while leveraging Stars’ global expertise to further optimize the fan experience.”

Brookfield Business Partners (NYSE:BBU)

Brookfield is a top-notch business acquisition firm with a tremendous focus on success and the creation of shareholder value. The company’s experienced leadership has led to incredible deals over the years, including a profitable partnership with Great Canadian Gaming.

The partnership with Great Canadian Gaming allowed the pair to purchase an array of gaming assets in the Greater Toronto Area at price of C$170. Together, the two companies aim to improve the value of these assets as well as bolster the customer experience with new offerings and expansions of acquired properties.


GameHost is a leading entertainment and hospitality provider based in Alberta, Canada. The company operates four primary properties in the Alberta province, each offering slot machines, table games, top quality hospitality and more meant to appeal to both casual gamers and dedicated gamers alike.

GameHost is well-known for providing dividends to its investors, a plus for those who have stuck with the company over the years. In fact, its focus on increasing value for shareholders is made abundantly clear in its mission to reduce costs and improve offerings, creating some of the highest profit margins in the business.

Blackberry Ltd. (NYSE: BB)

Blackberry made its name as a cell phone manufacturer, and essentially created what we now know as a smartphone, but many don’t realize that Blackberry is actually providing mobile cybersecurity for government agencies worldwide. It’s also playing security consultant. A major victory for Blackberry even came in when it won the right to sell its secure messaging tools to the U.S. government.

Blackberry’s bets on less popular emerging tech plays has really paid off, according to its latest earnings rounds, and as one of the companies that essentially paved the way for digital gaming, it’s sure to remain a favorite innovator among innovators for some time.

Wynn Resorts, Limited (NASDAQ:WYNN)

Wynn Resorts is another iconic Las Vegas staple. Founded by Steve Wynn following the sale of Mirage Resorts to MGM Grand, Wynn has become one of the strongest gaming stocks on the market, largely thanks to its Macao assets as the region continues to produces tremendous revenue for

Despite some management setbacks, resulting in the replacement of Steve Wynn for Matthew Maddox, Wynn has performed well against its competitors, even after a larger industry-level decline in mid-2018. And with Macao casinos poised for a rebound, Wynn Resorts is one to watch moving forward.

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