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The politician has introduced a bill that would improve integrity in sports and regulate online sports betting.

India.- Indian Thiruvananthapuram MP and senior Congress Leader Dr. Shashi Tharoor introduced on December 28 the Private member’s Bill in the Lower House of Parliament, which intends to regulate online sports betting and improve sports integrity in the country.

The politician explained that integrity in sports is essential to preserve its beneficial aspects and that it has been increasingly under threat due to unabated acts of fraud and corruption. “My Bill addresses this issue by criminalising sports fraud, including match fixing and spot fixing,” he said.

The MP added that a complete ban on sports betting hasn’t been successful and has actually contributed to the illegal sector. “The law must adopt a regulatory approach and effectively demarcate the lines of permissible conduct in the field of betting or gaming in connection with a sporting event. My Bill provides the framework to make this possible.”

Moreover, the All India Gaming Federation said that with the proliferation of sports leagues and the development of the sports ecosystem in India, the bill will be a step in the right direction in order to maintain integrity in sports, its CEO Roland Landers explained.

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