The head of the Belgian commission is set to head a new project to standardize a legislation across the continent.

Belgium.- Director of the Belgian Gaming Commission Peter Naessens is set to lead a project of the European Committee for Standardization, which is aimed to standardize an inline gambling legislation across Europe. The first meeting took place in Paris, France on Wednesday.

There are several regulators and industry agencies from Europe that will contribute with the European Committee for Standardization to build the project that is designed to create compliance rules and reporting that will become a guideline for the industry.

The group responsible for setting standards on the type of information that online gambling operators need to send to their respective regulators will be the Technical Committee 456. The official task is “reporting in support of online gambling supervision.”

The committee was created after the European Commission requested a change in regulations. The official label is called “Standardization request to the ‘European Committee for Standardization’ as regards a European standard on reporting in support of supervision of online gambling services by the gambling regulatory authorities of the Member States.”

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