Last week professionals in the sports betting, eSports, iGaming affiliate and casino industry gathered for “Betting on Sports”, a conference and expo that has grown at an exponential speed since its inception three years ago.

I’m so proud of SBC Founder Rasmus Sojmark and his team, it’s been such a pleasure to experience first-hand the growth of his company from its inception – I’d estimate from roughly ten years ago – until today. What makes SBC’s success even more exceptional is they started organizing conferences when the space was already saturated, a sign SBC is bringing something different to the table.

When Sojmark first told me about the launch of “Sports Betting Community” or “SBC” (this was before SBC Events was born), I loved the concept and his vision of bringing like-minded professionals together in a casual setting in the form of a “social”. Never once did I imagine these socials would balloon into the industry-encompassing events SBC is putting on today, drawing delegates from around the world.

Despite its rapid growth both in terms of event production and internal hiring, SBC has succeeded in providing and maintaining a “family-run” feel to their events, with an extra special element of treating delegates and sponsors like friends.

Sojmark himself roams the conference floor all day, spearheading introductions where appropriate and making a point to say hello to everyone and to shake their hand. Andrew McCarron, Managing Director of SBC Global, gracefully checks up on all the conference sessions and always helps reporters like me locate high profile speakers, athletes and celebs for interviews, despite how busy he is. Dennis Algreen, SBC’s Head of Marketing, mans the SBC booth from opening until close and makes himself available for anyone with questions or who just wants a chat.

Another unique element of BOS is the nightly organized dinners for CEOs and VIPs, providing a reason for such delegates to stay together after the show and continue the networking into the early hours. Transportation to the dining venue is usually organized by SBC and for those who want to really let loose, Sojmark has been known to book a VIP table at fun London clubs for those still standing when the official party closes down.

All of these elements mentioned above feed into the success of BOS 2018 and of SBC in general. Quality content, top organization, loads of booths and delegates, location and timing also play a big role, but it’s the special touches that allow SBC and its events to grow in a world of corporate conference organizing giants.

“I think we have certainly grown the exhibition this year, around 140-ish exhibitors down here as well as on the third floor, we increased it to 270 speakers across three days – a lot of CEOs have been speaking, directors and very senior executives – which has given some amazing content, I think everyone has been very happy about that part. Added to that we had more networking areas, its just been pretty good!”, Sojmark exclusively shared with CalvinAyre.com at the end of the show.

For anyone who knows Sojmark personally, they know he is amazing at sales because he’s just so damn likeable! All jokes aside, SBC does a wonderful job of bringing on board a number of sponsors who make events such as BOS first of all possible and second of all enjoyable.

“Its only happening because of the support of all our sponsors, I’d like to thank all of them, but you’ve seen some incredibly nice stands from Betradar, SBTech, Golden Race, Optima, Trustly, High Pay, eCom Pay, it’s a good mix of relevant companies for all the delegates to go and see and talk to about future business partnership and working together”, Sojmark said.

For the first time ever, SBC has revealed their plans for a conference taking place outside of London,Betting on Sports America, a massive step for a company that started out with organizing socials for local sports betting enthusiasts. Sojmark shared more details with us in London last week.

“The US is incredible. We’ve been sportsbetting from the very start, obviously we’re doing more on the casino side and eSports as well, but seeing as the US is all about sports I think we have a really good place in the US and the 23rd to the 25th of April next year we’re taking Betting on Sports, this very event here, to New York”, Sojmark explained.

“That’s going to be a pretty awesome experience and we will mix a lot of the European experience with a lot of key people from the US to talk and discuss about the industry and how to best take it forward in the states”, he shared.


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