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In a proposal that could come to fruition as early as this year, La Liga is planning on hosting regular season games in The United States.

The League has not currently revealed which clubs, or how many it plans on taking to the States, but should the deal go ahead, it seems highly likely that at least Real Madrid and Barcelona will be utilised by the League as it looks to boost its US footprint.

La Liga president Javier Tebas commented: “We’re devoted to growing the passion for soccer around the world. This groundbreaking agreement is certain to give a major impulse to the popularity of the beautiful game in the U.S. and Canada. Relevent has filled stadiums across the U.S. with the International Champions Cup, [and] we’re thrilled to partner with them on a joint mission to grow soccer in North America.”

Relevent chairman and owner Stephen Ross added: “This extraordinary joint venture is the next giant leap in growing soccer’s popularity in North America,”  “This unique relationship will create new opportunities for millions of North American soccer fans to experience the most passionate, exciting, and highest level of soccer in the world.”

Furthermore, The Spanish Footballer Association has responded to the plans: “Like usual, La Liga has not consulted the opinions of the players and has made a move that only benefits themselves. This overlooks players health and even more so the feelings of fans who are forced to watch their team abroad.”

The news has sparked much speculation that the English Premier League could look into a similar venture, however the dwindling attendances of Premier League clubs in the States over the summer may lead to reluctance from the league over making this decision. As well as this, the backlash over the previously touted 39th game is likely to be replicated amongst English fans, should the league propose such plans again.

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