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Google has said in a recent email to AdWords advertisers that it has changed the section of its AdWords Gambling and Games policy that is concerned with advertising in Italy and that gambling-oriented advertising content will no longer serve in that particular country. The new revised policy has taken immediate effect.
Commenting on the latest development in Italy’s gambling advertising saga, Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio told local gaming news outlet AGIMEG that Google acknowledging the advertising ban was another manifestation of the fact that they are finally fighting gambling.
Minister Di Maio was actually the person to spearhead the so-called Dignity Decree, a legislative piece that, among other things, contained proposals for the full ban on gambling-oriented advertising activities in the country.
Reports about the potential prohibition of gambling advertising first emerged before Italy’s general election in March. Once the country’s new government was formed, Di Maio proceeded with the introduction of the Dignity Decree and its successful passage through the legislature.
Italy’s Council of Ministers approved the legislation earlier this month. The Dignity Decree is now reviewed by the Chamber of Deputies and it is slated to take effect on January 1, 2019.


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