The closure will affect 649,000 people that work in the gaming industry

US.- The Coronavirus is hitting strong all around the world. The American Gaming Association (AGA) revealed on Tuesday that all of the United States’ 465 commercial casinos will be closed as of midday on Wednesday.

According to Inside Asia Gaming, commercial casinos in Deadwood, South Dakota will become the last in the country to shut their doors following an order form the mayor. Only 16 of 524 tribal casinos nationwide remain open for business.

The closure will affect 649,000 people that work in the gaming industry that expect to see a combined US$43.5 billion stripped from the economy assuming the casino will be closed for two months.

According to information revealed by the AGA, 28% of travellers having deferred planned trips, 40% of group meetings and events scheduled for the next four months cancelled and a 56% reduction in seated diners at restaurants even before individual states began ordering restaurant closures.

The UK Government also took measures after the increased of infected people and ordered quarantine for the next three weeks. The measures taken by Prime Minister Boris Johnson include the closure of all casinos, betting shops and bingo venues to combat the spread of Covid-19.


The industry in the US is pushing for online gaming options as iDEA calls for state governments to lift their ban on the segment.

US.- The iDevelopment & Economic Association (iDEA) is pushing for the US to free online gaming operations to help casinos cut their losses while they’re closed. The group is asking state government’s (where appropriate) to lift their bans on the vertical, at least temporarily.

“Is it going to be a panacea? No. But in the face of closures like this, it underscores the need for the industry to also have an e-commerce platform,” iDEA’s John Pappas said, as The Wall Street Journal quoted.

According to the group, many states in the US may benefit from online gaming. As the land-based segment will turn less tax-money, internet betting could be a solution.

AGA’s forecast

The American Gaming Association (AGA) expects the US gambling industry to lose US$21.3 billion due to the Coronavirus crisis.

The organisation said the next eight weeks will be critical for the sector. Hundreds of casinos across the country closed their doors as part of efforts to halt the spread of the deadly virus.

Nearly every casino in the US, both private and tribal, has pulled down the shutters this week.

This, according to the AGA, could cost 530,000 jobs with the likes of Caesars already making redundancies.


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