Justice favoured gaming in Spain after revoking the 800-metre restriction between betting rooms in the Valencian Community.

Spain.- Different regions took action against the gaming industry in Spain recently. With several new restrictions, the sector was beginning to worry. However, it received a nod from Justice in the Valencian Community.

The Supreme Court confirmed the nullity of the requirement to separate rooms 800 metres from each other. According to the ruling, the limitations to economic activities must be justified and proportionate. In addition, they must be necessary for a compelling reason of general interest, which they consider is not the case.

Gaming in Spain had its first relief after a streak of bad news across the country.

The judges described the 800 metres distance as “a certain limitation.” Likewise, “it represents a significant worsening of the restriction imposed by the preceding Valencian regulations,” they explained.

Gaming restrictions in Spain

During the last weeks, there have been a number of blows to gambling in Spain. The most recent was Navarra, which won’t issue any new gambling licences in the region.

The local government announced that it will not issue new authorisations, preventing the opening of new businesses. This includes bookmakers, gambling rooms and bingo halls in the region in northern Spain.

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