Wynn Resorts’ potential Osaka IR push is officially off the table as the company has recently confirmed it will focus in the Kanto region.

Japan.- The casino race in Japan is on and major companies want to get their licences once the time comes. However, Wynn Resorts has officially confirmed it won’t push for an Osaka integrated resort (IR) permit.

The casino developer told AGBrief it wants to focus its efforts on a potential venue in the Kanto region.

“Wynn Resorts is grateful for the many months of positive dialogue we have enjoyed with the city of Osaka and its citizens, and we appreciate the gracious hospitality we have received from them,” a spokesperson told the news outlet. “We have decided not to pursue an Integrated City Resort in Osaka at this time. [Still] we wish the city the very best and look forward to following its continued success. Wynn Resorts will focus on the Kanto area.”

Yokohama moves forward

The Yokohama City Council has passed a supplementary budget for integrated resorts (IRs). The Liberal Democratic Party and Komeito agreed on a budget of over €2 million for a casino in the area.

The decision came after two political parties agreed on the subject. However, there were over 650 people from different groups gathered outside the city hall to protest the decision. Still, once the Council passed the budget, Mayor Fumiko Hayashi said that she believes that the supplementary budget reflects the will of the citizens.

Moreover, Mayor Hayashi explained that she is considering holding public IR briefings to receive feedback from citizens. She aims to better understand what they want in terms of the casino industry.

Yokohama is currently the only city in the Tokyo metropolitan area trying to obtain a licence to operate an IR.

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