The LMS media authority from Germany says that gambling advertising from Schleswig-Holstein endangers an effective fight against gambling addiction.

Germany.- The Landesmedienanstalt Saarland (LMS), which is one of 14 state media authorities in Germany, says that increased gambling advertising from Schleswig-Holstein doesn’t help the fight against gambling addiction.

Uwe Conradt, director of the LMS, urged the German state Schleswig-Holstein for a consistent adherence to existing advertising restrictions for gambling provides. He said that providers with a licence in the German state should pay attention to the proportionality of such advertising in the form of nationwide receivable communications media for regional commercial communications.

“TV advertising for gaming at online casinos takes place in a far too large number of private TV programs – and also at times of day, in which children and young people especially are in need of protection,” said Conradt.

Moreover, the director explained that the LMS won’t stand by and watch how Schleswig-Holstein endangers the fight against gambling addiction.

“Now it is important to fully revive this supervisory cooperation with regard to the prohibited by the State Treaty on Gaming TV advertising for illegal gambling,” said the LMS.

Germany dedicates day to gambling awareness

The Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA) of Germany has announced that as part of its attempt to raise awareness around problem gambling, it will host the Aktionstag Glücksspielsucht 2019 today. The awareness day offers information to players in regards to the different and existing gambling offerings in the country.

The BZgA campaign includes the slogan “Do not gamble until addiction” and the website On the site, players will be able to test their gambling behaviour to see if they’re at risk.

BZgA chief Dr Heidrun Thaiss explained that it is important to inform people and raise awareness. “This is why the BZgA is offering online and offline information and counselling services. These are in several languages, for gamblers and their relatives,” he said.

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