A survey of Yokohama citizens about the prospect of an IR bid, conducted by Kanagawa Shimbun and JX PRESS, has shown that 63.85% oppose the bid.

The most common reason for the public’s opposition was that, “A casino does not go with the image of Yokohama.”

Further, 72.48% of citizens surveyed felt that a referendum should be held on the matter.

In the survey, citizens were asked if they agreed with a bid for an IR with 48.8% answering that they strongly oppose and another 15.05% replying that if they had to give an answer, it would be to oppose.

On the other side of the debate, 9.78% said they strongly approve with 15.92% stating that if they had to give an answer, it would be to approve. This means 25.7% of respondents approve of a Yokohama IR.

When asked for reasons why respondents answered the way they did, 30.33% of those opposing said it was because they didn’t believe a casino fits the image of Yokohama.

Residents expressed love for their city and said they wanted an urban plan that did not rely on IR. Other answers included, “Worry for public safety” (24.32%), “Other policies should be prioritized” (23.57%) and “More people will become addicted to gambling” (18.77%).

The most popular reason for those offering support for an IR was because it would increase the city’s tax revenue (38.81%). Other responses included, “We can expect an improvement in the economy” (32.84%), “Promotes tourism industry” (22.39%) and “Citizens can enjoy casinos” (3.36%).

10.45% of respondents were undecided and of those 42.2% said that they didn’t have enough information to make a judgement.


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