The Chinese authorities have taken down several mobile poker apps in an effort to fight unauthorized gambling.

China.- The Chinese authorities continue to strengthen their control over the gambling segment, which is why they have recently shut down several mobile poker apps. The country continues to position itself as one of the most important gambling regions in the world and is looking to reduce all the unauthorized activity in China.

The online segment has been in the spotlight in China after 71 people were arrested over the last few months for gambling activities on chatting platforms. That led a more strict oversight of all online activity, which ultimately resulted in poker apps being taken down.

Among the apps which were shut down are Poker King, Poker Tribe and several other Texas Hold’em poker mobile apps as well. Poker King ran its online gambling business under a Philippine-issued licence, a scheme often used by many other operators. However, what made it extremely difficult for the government to track and take down these platforms was that companies often changed names and evaded their control.

The clampdown is expected to continue for the near future as the authorities expect to take down all content that they consider “inappropriate.”

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