FIFA 2019 hits shelves around the world on September 28. The highly anticipated game is the 26th edition of the EA Sports football franchise. Once again, this year, FIFA has gone for a more realistic gameplay that fans of past editions will love. In addition, EA Sports has worked out new licencing deals and made the presentation of the game even better than before. When not playing the latest FIFA game, sports fans can play football inspired free slots to continue enjoying the action.

The 2018 version of FIFA sold over 24 million copies in all formats. This year’s game will have a lot to live up to, but as ever, EA Sports looks to have outdone the previous game.

New Stadiums

Although it isn’t officially finished and ready for Premier League football, Tottenham’s new White Hart Lane will feature in FIFA 2019. The club is nearly ready to move into the new stadium, but gamers can play the new venue before the team actually kicks a ball there. All 20 Premier League arenas are in the game with a few from the EFL Championship also appearing. Gamers can also enjoy a free online casino when playing games on the Internet.

La Liga Makeover

Spain’s La Liga has received a makeover for this season. There will be 19 new Spanish stadiums with 16 in the Primera and three in the Segunda. In addition, there is unique commentary for La Liga along with special graphics and other add-ons. The only La Liga stadium that won’t be in this year’s game is Camp Nou. Barcelona have an exclusive contract with Pro Evolution Soccer meaning the ground is absent from FIFA.

New Leagues

FIFA 2019 will not feature the Russian Premier League due to the competition’s new exclusive deal with Konami. In its place is the Chinese Super League, which has attracted some top stars from Europe in recent years. Now gamers must prevent their players from having their heads turned by the money in the CSL.

In addition to the CSL’s debut in FIFA, Italy’s Serie A will be officially licenced for this year’s game. Even better is the inclusion of the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, and UEFA Super Cup. EA Sports was able to lure the official UEFA licence away from Konami giving FIFA an even more realistic feel.

Gameplay Improvements

EA Sports has worked hard to improve the gameplay. It gives FIFA 2019 an even more realistic feel. Players can now use game plans before matches to get their tactics spot on. The evolution of tactics in FIFA continues and gamers can no longer play off the cuff. Players can set up their tactics pre-game and adjust them during matches.

The mini map at the bottom of the screen has also been tweaked making it easier to determine which players are on certain teams. Instead of different coloured circles, one team will now be triangles.

Skill moves have been refined with some now being easier to pull off. Defensive players will find defending against skill moves more difficult.

FIFA 2019 is set to be the biggest sports game of the year. The wait is nearly over and football fans and gamers can rejoice with its long-awaited release on the horizon.

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