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British football Chairmen have warned that Brexit could have a significant impact on English football clubs, specifically when it comes to lesser clubs signing top European players.

Speaking to The Mirror, Burnley Chairman Mike Garlick emphasised: “The destructive Brexit path being pursued by the government threatens to have a hugely damaging effect on clubs across the country. It threatens to make the widening inequality gap in our top division even worse.

“The hit to the value of the pound against the euro, largely caused by Brexit uncertainty, is already making it harder for clubs to sign players. And ending freedom of movement will make it much more difficult for teams to attract the right talent, if the government brings in more restrictive conditions for work visas for players from Europe.”

Stoke was also a region that voted heavily to leave the EU in June 2016, however the club’s long serving Chairman Peter Coates also spoke out about the possible implications of Brexit: “The politicians are failing to sort out this mess, and they are not listening to the voices of employers and businesses up and down the country. If this goes badly, it will be places like Stoke that suffer the most.”

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