The criptocurrencies universe will gain a new member, Ronaldinho Coin Soccer, digital currency that will be released by former Brazilian soccer star Ronaldinho Gaúcho. The daring project that should cover areas such as eSports, betting and leisure has been developed in partnership with World Soccer Coin and should use the Blockchain platform of Chinese startup NEO.


On Monday 16 began the pre-sale of the digital currency to the private sector. Sales to the general public should start only in August, on the 16th. The first phase of the project should issue 140 million tokens, which will be marketed worldwide.
The novelty of the former player aims at creating a betting network. “Through football and music, I want to deliver dreams, hope and smiles to people around the world. During my short life, I want to contribute as much as I can to the world,” Ronaldinho wrote in a text posted on the currency website.
The goal of Ronaldinho Coin Soccer is to become the key currency of the world of football and other areas such as digital sports. The initiative also includes a series of other launches scheduled for 2020, such as the development of a virtual reality services platform, the creation of the Ronaldinho Academy and hundreds of digital arenas for professional and amateur eSports competitions, as well as the launch of a virtual sports betting platform under the Ronaldinho brand.

The white paper of the new criptocurrency has not yet been made available, but those responsible for it promise that it will be done “soon”. Detailed information about Ronaldinho Coin Soccer can be found on the official website of the project.
The sale of criptocurrency began this week only privately. The general public will be able to count on the news from August 16th. With the sale of the currencies the companies related to the former player intend to form a betting league. In addition, it will also be possible to raise donations for the construction of virtual stadiums.
“As a player, Ronaldinho has given a lot of joy to the fans. Now he is retired, but he is still an active part of the football world. He has a vision: to create the new world of football. To achieve this goal we are carrying out a new project: the creation of the Ronaldinho Football Coin,” says the project description.

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